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Free Fire 4th Anniversary

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So hello gamers hope you all will be good as you know free fire celebrates its anniversary event every year, so this year 2021 is also going to celebrate free fire 4th anniversary. before 5 august you can get it in play store or App store The update of OB29. With this, after August 8, you will see the anniversary event starting, which is going to run till August 29

Peak Day

This event Peak Day on August 29 as well as you will get a lot of free Rewards in this event. 


Free Fire 4th Anniversary Rewards

      Along with this, you will also get to see a friends callback event, where you will get to see a lot of free rewards in return for calling back a friend, you may be got also Discount event. so stay with us, soon we will also get the calendar of 4th anniversary event, then we will help you. Will try to bring this in front of you as soon as possible