Free Fire Fast Running Trick After Using Revival Point

Free Fire Fast Running Trick After Using Revival Point

Free Fire Fast Running Trick After Using Revival Point. Revival point fast running trick. Why running speed increased after using revival point

Free Fire Fast Running Trick After Using Revival Point


To use this trick you need to 4 characters. Here is character name and details

1. Chrono / Alok ( Choose Any One)

2. Kelly and Joseph.

Total 3 Character skill: 

Chrono + Kelly + Joseph


Alok + Kelly + Joseph

Who is Chrono ?



Sex: male

Age: 35

Birthday: Feb 05th

Chrono comes from a parallel universe where there is a higher science and technological level than the levels in our current world Earth.

He had a normal childhood in his original universe. His parents were famous lawyers who fought against poverty and to help bring the poor homeless people up into society. Because of this he always had an awareness about vulnerable groups since he was very young and as he grew older he found ways to do his part to help as well.

Skill / Ability

Creates a force field that blocks 600 damages from enemies. One can fire from inside the force field. Within the force field, you can increase 15% in movement speed during 8s activation. CD 170s.

Who is Alok ?



Sex: male

Age: 28

Birthday: Aug 26th

"Using the power of music, Alok left Brazil and travelled the world.

His name means “light”.

He has signed a contract and a closed concert will happen on Free Fire’s battleground island for some VIP guests!"

Skill / Ability

Create an 5m aura that increase moving and sprinting speed by15% and restore 5 HP/s for 10 seconds. CD 45s.

Who is Kelly ?



Sex: female

Age: 17

Birthday: Apr 01st

Kelly is a high-school sprinter.

She is also known as Shimada Kiriko.

She loves to run, and can always be seen on the track.

Running forward is built into her mind and body. No matter the obstacle, she will always push forward.

Keep Running! KIRIKO!

Skill / Ability

Sprinting speed increased by 6%.

Who is Joseph ?



Sex: male

Age: 45

Birthday: Feb 14th

Joseph is a well-known physicist, but he is also a player.

He was a founder of a really successful tech company.

He also was an outstanding student in the military academy.

Skill / Ability

Movement speed increased by 20% for 1 second upon taking damage.

Safe ?

Yes; This trick is safe because we can't modify any game settings; it doesn't effect your game account

How to Use Fast Running After Using Revival Point ?

So as you can see after rank season 21; the Revival Point is enabled for Rank Games. 

The Revival Point / Revival Token (Vending Machine) has arrived, that means you can revive once you are eliminated, so as soon as you are eliminated by an enemy, then after your friend will revive to you, 

after you successfully revived your running speed will increased upto 20% extra. It means that the Total running is 26 % (20% Joseph + 6% Kelly), if you turn on Chrono or Alok there, after that your running movement will increased 41%.


Keep in mind, use the (revival point / revival card) only when the safe zone shrinking comes from above your screen.

This trick is working currently. Game Version OB28