Dimitri Character Free Fire - New Character Dimitri Full Details

Dimitri Character Free Fire - New Character Dimitri Full Details

Dimitri Character Free Fire - New Character Dimitri Full Details. Dimitri Character Free Fire Full Details. Upcoming Character Free Fire

New Dimitri Character Free Fire

Dimitri Character Free Fire

Hello Survivor, 

"Dimitri will be our new character joining Free Fire in this patch. With his active skill - Healing Heartbeat, Dimitri can assist his downed teammates to recover themselves while providing cover by staying in battle."

As you can see the Latest version OB29 is arriving on Wednesday 4th August. There are going to be 3 new characters launched, the main character is Dimitri, which you will get to see inside the game after the 4th August and you can get it through Diamonds Top Up. Let's know about some special skills of the character of Dimitri.




Creates a 5m-diameter healing zone. Inside, user and allies recover 3HP/s. When downed, user and allies can self-recover to get up. Lasts for 15s, CD 60s.

By Level 1 to 6

 10/11/12/13/14/15s, Cool Down 85/80/75/70/65/60s.

   (According to the Advance Server)


How to Get Dimitri Character in Free Fire ?

By completing Top Up Event task. You can get Dimitri Vegas by Top Up upto 200 Diamonds (except)

Dimitri Vegas Rampage Song Free Fire


About Dimitri Vegas

Electronic music lovers and fans worldwide know Dimitri & Mike Thivaios as the monolithic brotherly duo "Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike" and as ambassadors of the worldwide phenomenon Tomorrowland. The brothers are superstars in the electronic music scene and have earned the adoration of crowds around the globe. From becoming the first-ever duo to win the World #1 DJ's crown at the prestigious DJ Mag Top 100 DJs Poll in 2015, the twosome reclaimed the throne again in 2019 and have managed to stay inside the top 2 for seven consecutive years. Clocking up more than 25 million fans on social media, combined with billions of music streams and video views of their over-the-top live performances and music videos.

Dimitri Vegas in Real Life

In the beginning I told you that 3 new characters are going to come out of which the main character is Dmitry. Two more characters are going to come, one of which is named Elite Moco or Awaking Moko and after that comes THIVA.

We will know about the characters in the upcoming post. Stay tuned for more updates.

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