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Moco Event Calendar Free Fire - Game News Mania

Moco Event Calendar Free Fire - Game News Mania - Free Fire Moco Event Calendar - Elite Moco Event Free Fire - Elite Moco Event Calendar

Moco Event Calendar Free Fire

Moco Event Calendar Free Fire
Moco Event Calendar

There are many characters with Awaken version or Elite version is available in Free Fire.
Top Elite Characters:
Elite Kelly
Elite Andrew
Elite Hayato etc.
After the success of these elite characters Garena soon release a new elite character which called Elite Moco / Awaken Moco.

To create hype or celebrate Moco event for elite Moco; Garena soon Announce a Moco themed event with Moco themed in game items. 

Here is the Event Calendar (Scroll to Top)

Calendar Details : 6 - 26 September

The Puzzle (6 - 12 September)

The Puzzle Event Free Fire
The Puzzle Event

In this event you need to kill virus and safe moco; use correct password to kill virus. Complete Missions and get Exclusive Banners and Avatar.

Free Moco's Swing (6 - 13 September)

Complete this mission to get Moco themed Legendary bat skin

Daily Login (10 - 26 September)
Login daily for Moco Event Token
(This token can be use for redeeming rewards)

Coder's Crib (10 - 26 September)

Rewards - 
1. Moco Themed Bundle (Legendary with Effect)
2. Moco Awaken Token for upgrade elite moco
3. Loot Box (Legendary)
4. Parachute
5. Falco Pet skin 
6. Profile Badge (PIN)

Moco's Pan Login (12 - 23 September)

Pan skin (Legendary with animation)

Moco's Challenge (12 - 21 September)
Surfboard skin (Legendary with animation)

Moco Jump (15 - 26 September)
Backpack skin (Legendary with animation)

Peak Day Rewards 18 Sept.

Yes; The peak Day of Moco event is on 18 September

Login on 18 September to get -
1. Moco Character
2. Diamond Royale Vouchers
3. Universal Fragments


Play game on 18 September for -
Legendary Car Skin (with Animation)

After Matchdrop
Get event token in the end of every match x2

Peak Day double drop x4 token after Matchdrop
(Token can be use for redeeming rewards)

Play Stronghold Mode (18 September)

Play this existing mode for Grenade skin

This is the complete information about Moco event calendar.

Watch Full Calendar Review Video


About Elite Moco

Sex: female

Age: 20

Birthday: Feb 13th


Who is Moco in Free Fire ?

Moco, the legend of the Cyber World.

Moco is also known as "chat noir" for her skill and intelligence.
She can hack into any computer she wants without anyone noticing. After she gets the information she needs, she disappears like a ghost.

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