Next Topup Event In Free Fire

Next Topup Event In Free Fire

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Free Fire Next Top Up Event 15 September

Tech Guru Top Up
Tech Guru Top Up

Today I am going to show you the Next Topup Event In Free Fire for Indian Server. As you can see Garena release new top up event every week. 
  Current top up event will be end on 14 September. Means new event starting from 15 September. 

In the next topup event Garena release a Backpack skin and a Gloowall skin. Let's know about this event.

Next topup event Name
Tech Guru Top Up

Backpack skin - 100 Diamonds
GlooWall skin - 500 Diamonds (according to current news)

Backpack and GlooWall are both Legendary skin with Animation. You can get this item's by top up during this event time between 15 - 21 September.

Note: Codashop or Games Kharido - top up center may be not open during this time. So you can use other top up center 
 1. WinZo Store
 2. Google Play Redeem Code (100% Safe)

Hope you get all the information about the new top up event. Any questions or suggestions just comment down your opinion.