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Next Weapon Royale Free Fire - Free Fire Next Weapon Royale - Game News Mania

NEXT WEAPON ROYALE FREE FIRE - FREE FIRE NEXT WEAPON ROYALE - GAME NEWS MANIA - Upcoming Weapon Royale Free Fire - Next Weapon Royale Confirm

Next Weapon Royale Free Fire

 Garena release new weapon royale in every 25 days; so as you can see the current weapon royale with Groza OPERANO SHENG skin will be end on 9 September
 From 10 September the New weapon royale will arrive with Moco theme.

The Next Weapon Royale is SPAS12 - Cosmic Teleportia 

Attributes: Damage ++ Ammo/Magzine + Accuracy - 

Next Weapon Royale Free Fire
Weapon Royale

This skin is based on Moco Character; new Moco event will coming soon; possible date 6th September. If you want to see Moco event calendar then visit our website because we already uploaded the Moco event calendar. 

What is SPAS12 ?

Very powerful short-range shotgun. You will most likely be punished heavily if you miss, due to the fact that it is a single fire weapon.


How to get SPAS12 Weapon Royale ?

There was two methods to get this gun skin in your vault of Free Fire. 
1. Spin with Diamonds.
2. Spin with Weapon Royale Vouchers.

  I know that many readers choose option 2 

How to get Free Weapon Royale Vouchers ?

To get Free weapon royale vouchers you can spin in 4th Anniversary Royale, after you spin you can get Diamond Royale, weapon royale and incubator royale vouchers according to your luck.

You can find weapon royale section by clicking Luck Royale in Free Fire Game.