Blue Flame Draco AK Return In Free Fire

Blue Flame Draco AK Return In Free Fire

Blue Flame Draco AK Return In Free Fire - Evo Am return free fire - Blue Flame Draco Faded Wheel - Game News Mania

Blue Flame Draco AK Return

  Evolution Skin, The most demanding gun skin in Free Fire. As you know in every OB update Garena Free Fire release a new Evolution gun skin. It's comes with more powerful abilities and good looking. 
  In the last year 2020, Oct. Garena has released a AK evolution gun skin. After the success of these skin Garena Free Fire release many evo skin like MEGALODN ALPHA Scar, Cobra MP40 and more. 

Blue Flame Draco AK
Blue Flame Draco

  After 1 year Garena Free Fire Announced that The Legendary Evolution Bule Flame Draco AK will return till the end of October. Where players can own this evolutionary skin again. Let's have a small look in the skin... 

In previous years it comes on Faded Wheel, so according to previous years Blue Flame Draco AK will return in Faded Wheel or Maybe Ascension Royale; because according to the latest news Garena recently released Free Fire Max for Ultra Max graphics experience. But it's gone wrong; many players are disappointed with Graphics or other game function and Garena loss a number of big amount.
  What's your opinion about Free Fire Max ? Let us know in the comment section.

After you purchase Evolution Draco AK skin; now you need to upgrade this skin to Max level with tokens. 

Level 1 - Damage + Rate of Fire + Reload - -
Level 4 - Damage + Rate of Fire ++ Reload -
Level 7 (Max Lv.) Additional Damage in Gloo Wall

Duration- if Evolution AK comes on Faded Wheel; it stay here upto 28 days and otherwise if it comes on Ascension Royale then it stay here upto 14 Days according to the latest events.

What's you think about evolution gun skin; just comment down your opinion. Hope your luck is with your side when you spin for Blue Flame Draco AK.