FFIC Live Watching Redeem Code

FFIC Live Watching Redeem Code

FFIC Live Watching Reward - FFIC Grand Finals Live Watching Reward - FFIC Live Watching Redeem Code

FFIC Grand Finals Live Watching Reward

Hello survivors,

  Free Fire India Championship Grand Finals date is declared. It sedule for 17 October, 6 PM (IST).

 According to the Official News, during Match Day we have some special gifts for you. To unlock them there are a small criteria you need to complete to get the gifts in your Free Fire Mail box/Vault.

FFIC Live Watching Reward

Rewards -

1. Choose 1 out of 4

SKYLER, M4A1 SKIN, Beston Pet, Push Up Emote

2. Mag-7 Skin, Vehicle Skin, CraftLand Room Card.

Admin Choice - Beston Pet.

So, In 17 October 6:30 PM visit Free Fire eSports India social Pages like YouTube, Booyah and Facebook to hit the milestone. 

To Get Rewards Hit 400K live watching

After successfully completing the milestone you get a Redeem Code, you can redeem this code in Official Redeem site.


Redeem Code

Full Code Available after End of Live...

Redeem Here - Visit Redeem Website

So see you in the live on 17 October. 

About Free Fire India Championship 2021

The FFIC 2021 Fall League Stage has concluded, we have our six finalists!

The FFIC Grand Finals is sedule for 17 October, 6 PM (IST)

About Last Standing:

Head Hunters survive the TSM onslaught
Head Hunters and TSM were also close enough on the League Standings to overcome each other. On Day 8, TSM had 72 League points, whereas Head Hunters had 71. All that Head Hunters needed to do yesterday was to perform better than TSM. Luckily for them, TSM did have a few bad games because of mistimed rotations. This allowed Head Hunters to surge forward and steal the second spot of Group B away from TSM. 
FFIC Live Watching Reward
UG Empire won 2 booyahs, both in Kalahari
UG Empire had a great performance yesterday. It’s almost like they lost all their fear, loosened their shackles, and soared to the heights that they were always meant to fly at. It was, unfortunately, too little and too late. They controlled the crescents of the circles like never before. Their nading was sharper yesterday, and their game sense was impeccable. In situations where they were stuck in between a rock and a hard place, they would manipulate the other two teams to fight each other. We just wish we had seen this form a little sooner. UG Empire finished the league stage in the third spot in Group C. They fell behind 4Unknown by 10 League points, and a resurgence on the last day would not have helped their cause much. The only thing they were able to do is outscore an already desperate Team Elite.

A lot of teams that were able to win the booyahs yesterday were a bunch of underdogs, teams that would have otherwise been swept aside under normal circumstances. But yesterday was different, with nothing to lose and everything to gain, almost every team brought their A-game to the table. Titanium Army, PVS Gaming Esports, and Skylightz Gaming all claimed a few games for themselves. Most of these wins came on the back of turning around tables for bigger names like 4Unknown or Head Hunters. At the very least, we hope that these wins on the last day of the tournament will help these teams build up confidence for the Play-Ins. Hopefully they will be able to learn from their mistakes and figure out what works best for them.