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How To Wipe a Squad in Free Fire in Clash Squad

How to wipe a squad in Free Fire in Clash Squad | How to wipe a squad in Free Fire | how to handle 1 vs 4 situation in free fire
Wipe a squad in Free Fire in Clash Squad
Wipe A Squad In Clash Squad

Every Free Fire player wants to improve his/her skills in game. But without pro tips, without best combination you can't win every Clash squad match in Free Fire.


 If you are searching for how to defeat easily your enemies; then you are on the right place. I am playing Free Fire at least 3 years from now and I know which importance of Skills to make a player Undefeated. 

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 Use Correct Character Combination

To improve your gameplay; you need to some character combination. This character combination is only applicable on Clash Squad. 

Best Character in Free Fire Wukong
Image via Free Fire

  1. Wukong - This character is most important to wipe a squad; because after using this character or when activat his skill your enemy's can't Fire in your body. After OB29 Update Wukong is a Most Popular or most usage character in Garena Free Fire. after you take dawn 1 enemy your wukong character will Recharged immediately. Follow 1 step with wukong - Fire and knock down enemy again use wukong. 

Best Character in Free Fire Kelly
Image via Free Fire

 2. Kelly - The most useful character of every time in Free Fire is Kelly. Yes i am taking about most used character in 2021. If you think that I am talking about Kelly because of her 6% extra running speed; then you are thinking wrong. Yes it is true that movement speed is very important for wipe a squad. But the main important use is The Fire Power. After the OB27 update Garena release Elite Kelly. She is a Elite version on Kelly. After using elite Kelly you will got 6% extra movement speed with 110% Fire Power.
   To activate Elite Kelly you need to run for 4 second and stop. Boom ! Now look at your fire button, it is blinking with FIREY effect. during this time if you hit or shoot a enemy; your ENEMY got 110% more Damage.

Best Character in Free Fire Maxim
Image via Free Fire

  3. Maxim - Maxim is best character for get your health rocover quality. After using wukong or Eneble wukong ability you can take upto 5 medikit. Because maxim character skill increase eating of madikit speed by 40%. Soon Garena will release Elite Maxim, stay tune for more updates.

Best Character in Free Fire Moco
Image via Free Fire

  4. Moco - after OB30 update Garena release Elite Moco. to locate your enemy like a hacker; you can use elite moco skill. After using elite Moco you can see enemies location after hitting or fireing for 11.5 seconds. It will also help for Sniping with M82B.

 Best Gun for 1 vs 4

For sort range I suggest you to use Shotguns for wipe a squad. You can use M1887,M1014 and MAG-7 during 1 vs 4 fight. This will help you for sort range fight.
  In long range fight i suggest you The most favourite gun of a eSports player is M82B. Yes; If you want to wipe a squad in Long range fight then M82B is a best gun. If you don't know how to use M82B then you can go to YouTube and learn how to use single M82B or AWM; i suggest you single M82B because you are now learning how to wipe a squad in Clash Squad not in Full Map. If you don't want to use Sniper i can suggest you powerful AR guns like AC80, Woodpecker, Dragonov, SKS. If you don't have Evo gyns skins then these are help you in long range with better fire power. But before using these AR guns learn on YouTube how to use AC80, Dragonov etc. perfectly.
   If know how to give one tap by using those guns; then those guns are best for you for 1 vs 4 clutch.

 Confuse your enemy

If you see video of B2K, M8N, Vincenzo and Raistar in YouTube, you can notice that when they are on 1 vs 4 situation they also use Confuse you enemy rule. This rule is followed by even eSports players. Take cover using Gloo walls and Confuse your enemy in the ground. In house fight You can easily confuse your enemy by showing perfect movement.
  You can learn on YouTube how to confuse your enemy in free fire. I think you can learn much better by seeing video.

 Face the 1 vs 4 situation without fear

I can see the common mistakes in most of the players when they see 3 to 4 enemies in their front; Then they either backs off or doesn't fight or gets eliminated by the enemy out of fear. If you think B2K and Raister became pro player in one day then it is not at all. Because behind every success there is hard work. So, use my all suggestions and practice; If it didn't happen in 1 day, if it didn't happen in 10 days but it will definitely happen in 100 days.

 These are my experience for wipe a squad fairly; if you have any suggestions then just comment your opinion and visit our blog for daily Free Fire Updates.