Booyah Event Calendar Free Fire

Booyah Event Calendar Free Fire

Booyah Event Calendar Free Fire - Booyah Event Free Fire - Booyah Day


Booyah Event Calendar Free Fire
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Booyah Event is a best in game event for Free Fire players. In last year there was booyah event was released by Free Fire. In 2021 Free Fire team plan to release Booyah Day event again.

  Booyah Day 2021 event will started from 12 November and it is continued to November last. In this booyah day event you got many gifts and rewards for free. Let's have a small look in Booyah Event Calendar. 

Exchange Store-Classic  

 from 12 November there was a exchange store will appear in Booyah special interface. Here you can complete mission and redeem some exiting gifts for you. Rewards in Exchange store like Parachute Skin, Banner, Surfboard and Baseball bat Skin. 

  This is a classic version of exchange store you can visit Premium store for legendary bundle and skin.

Booyah Go

In Booyah Go event you can see various types of rewards like Booyah Day Create, Booyah Day pin and Booyah Day Token. 

Booyah Go Event Free Fire
Booyah Go interface

  This is basically a Ludo type event. Collect token and defeat enemy and Booyah for this all rewards from booyah go event. To access booyah go event first you need to enter Booyah Day special interface on top right corner and click booyah go for play this game.

After MatchDrop

You can guess the event type by seeing name After Matchdrop. It means to get Golden Booyah token you need to play games. After you complete a match you get a Token; win or lose doesn't matter. So after you complete a match you get the token. 

  These are 3 events started from 12 November till 29 November.

Booyah Day Countdown

There was a countdown started from 16 November. After end of this countdown you can get free pet rumble mode room card. Complete mission and Booyah every match for completing this event fastly.

Playtime Challenge

from 17th November playtime challenge will appear in game. Play game for the spacific time like play 10 minutes, play 30 minutes etc. for the following rewards like Legendary Parang skin and Grenade skin.

Booyah Shoot

Shoot your terget for Legendary loot box skin. In this event you need shoot your terget with a ball. After perfect shoot you got the following reward.

Exchange Store-Premium

After exchange store classic you can see a new store name is Exchange Store Premium. As i already said you got only legendary items from exchange store premium. So; now time to reveal the items. In this store you can exchange Legendary monster truck skin and Booyah Day Female bundle. 

   You can exchange this items with Booyah Token and to get booyah token play match; after every match drop you can get 1 booyah token.

Peak Day Login

Login on 20 November for get free Leon Character. booyah day event peak day is on 20 November. To celebrate this booyah day event Free Fire team gives you Free Leon Character. 

  Ability: Buzzer Beater - A passive skill. Recover 30 hp after surviving a combat. It means after you finish your opponent you recovered 30 hp instantly at max level.

Booyah Event Free Fire
Booyah Day Events

Play with Leon

Play with leon character to get anime leon avatar.

  Note that you got this avatar only if you play with Leon Character. If you play with other character then you can't get this gift.

Weekend Booyah Challenge

This event called weekend booyah challenge also start from 20 November. Complete challenges like Survive 10 minutes, play BR mode etc. To receive Legendary Booyah Day pan and booyah day token.

Live Performance Video

Battle in Style 24 hours mission

In the 24 hours mission by completing some easy missions you can get free Scar Legendary skin creats.

Free Login Reward

Login between 27 to 28 November to get Free Emote. This emote isn't reveal at the moment. So i can't show the emote.

Video About Booyah Event Calendar

  This booyah day also a callback event will appear in game. You can try our Callback tool for completing the callback mission.