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Clash Squad Purgatory Launch Event Calendar Free Fire

CS purgatory launch event free fire - Clash Squad Purgatory launch event free fire - clash squad purgatory event calendar

Image via Free Fire

 Clash Squad is a most demanding game mode in Free Fire. In first Clash Squad mode only available for normal classic match but after seeing players demand Garena release Clash Squad Rank or CS Rank mode in Free Fire.

  After 1.5 year of clash squad Rank; Garena plan to release Purgatory Map in clash squad mode. As you know at present time clash squad mode only available for Bermuda, Bermuda Remastered and Kalahari map.

   But according to news from 10 November a new event called CS Map Launch will available for celebrate the Clash Squad Purgatory Launch. So; let me show you the Calendar of this event and rewards.

New Map Challenge

  The first Event staring from 10 November. In this event you got some tasks for complete by playing CS purgatory mode. After completing all missions you got the prize called Backpack skin (Legendary).

Login Rewards

  Login event will starting from 10 November. Login Free Fire During 10 to 16 November for Custom Room Card and CraftLand mode room Card. 

Everyday Login Reward

  If you can login free fire during this event then there are many gifts are waiting for you. 

11 November Login Reward

To get Voilet Treat bundle login on 11 November and get this Legendary Bundle for Free and get also Diamond Royale Vouchers.

12 November Login Reward

Just open the game on 12 November to get MP40 - New Year legendary skin create and Diamond Royale Vouchers.

 MP40 New Year attributes

    Damage + + Magzine + Accuracy -

13 November Login Reward

Login on 13 November to get Pet rumble mode room card and Voucher as mentioned on calendar.

14 November Login Reward

To receive Woodpecker Crimson Heir legendary skin and also diamond royale voucher.

  Woodpecker Crimson Heir attributes

    Magazine + Armor Penetration + Movement Speed -

15 November Login Reward

The last day login reward is most popular; Yes I am talking about Blood Moon Samurai Bundle and some voucher as shown in the event calendar.

  In this calendar there are no mention about the Skins and Bundles are permanent or not but you can see the details when event mission will start.

Video about CS Map Launch Event Calendar

Note: This is a mini event and this event calendar applied only for Indian region. During this CS Map Launch event Booyah Day event will also come.