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Diwali Gift Store Discount Free Fire

Gift Store Discount Free Fire - Diwali Gift Store Discount Free Fire - Diwali Dhamaka Sale Free Fire - Gift Store Discount Free Fire


Gift Store Discount Free Fire
Image via Free Fire

  As you know, last year there was a discount event in Diwali inside Free Fire, just like that year also you can get a discount event in the gift store inside Free Fire in this Diwali

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Diwali Dhamaka Sale

  Do you also want to send gifts to your friends in this Diwali, then Free Fire has brought you Diwali Dhamaka Sale where you will get 50% discount in Gift Store. With this discount event, you can also send gift to your friends at 50% discount. According to the news, this event will start from 6th November and will last till 11:59 pm on 7th November.


  So within these 2 days you can send Diwali gift to your friends and during this gift store discount event, many people send Gift from their account to the real account so that they can get the goods of the store in discount, so if you also want to take the goods of the store in discount price, So this Diwali you can also send gift on your real account with your second ID. For this, you just have to do the level 20 of the second ID, which will be done easily within 2 days.

Diwali Gift Store Discount
Image via Free Fire

Gift Store Update

  You  can see inside this poster that also get to see the Legendary bike of Cobra but it is not yet available in Gift store inside our free fire. But don't worry because even before making the discount event, you will get to see updated gift store where you will get to see some new items. 

How to Send Gift

For sending the gift to your friends,  you must have a 20+ level account and then you can send the gift, if the account level not above 20, then you cannot send the gifts. You can use EXP card to fill up your level or even if you play rank game then your level will be increased very easily. 

  After you've successfully level up your account you can send gift to anyone. For sending gifts go to store and then gift. Select your friends and write a  message Happy Diwali for your friend. 

Video About Diwali Gift Store Discount

: This Diwali sale only for 2 days. So hurry up and grab your favourite gifts. If you want to see diwali event calendar details then read our other pages. For more updates subscribe our website notification to get instant notification of Free Fire.