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How To Get V Badge In Free Fire

How to get V Badge In Free Fire - V Badge - V Badge Free Fire - V Badge without YouTube channel - How To add V Badge In Free Fire


V Badge In Free Fire
V Badge Free Fire

V Badge is a most demanding item in Free Fire. Every free fire players want to get V Badge In Free Fire. In this article you can know about V Badge and How To Get this in your Free Fire Profile. 

V Badge Introduction

 Verified badges inside Free Fire are given only to the people who have listened. The Full Form of V Badge is Verified Badge. 
  Like other Social media platforms YouTube, Instagram or Facebook etc. your can see a verified tick in some user or account. If you are a celebrity YouTuber, Facebook or Instagram influencer then you can get verified Badge or V Badge in Free Fire.
  This is normally called Free Fire Partner Program.

V Badge Criteria

As i said if you are a Social media influencer then you can get V Badge in Free Fire; But there was some criteria you need to follow for Verified Badge. 
1. Minimum Number of Audience: 100K for YouTube and 10K for Facebook. (This rule applied only for Indian Region)
2. 80% Free Fire Content.
3. 300K+ View in Last 1 month.
4. Clean, non-offensive and engaging content.

How to Get V Badge In Free Fire
Image via Free Fire

Join without a Channel or Page

There is a question in the mind of many people whether they can join without a YouTube Channel, Social media Page or not. 
 Yes; you can join this program without any social media page or account. The main external source is Booyah Tv or Booyah App made by Garena. This is Live Streaming platform for creators. If you don't have any YouTube channel or social media page then this platform is only for you. 
  Join the booyah app. Stream Daily and complete the Partnership criteria like Average login CCU, Daily Stream time and more. After you complete the milestone you can easily apply for booyah Streamer Program. 
  So after being a booyah official streamer you got a V Badge in your Free Fire profile and also you can earn upto 2000 US dollar monthly according to booyah Streamer Tiers. 

V Badge Criteria Free Fire
Image via Booyah App

  V Badge Through eSports

You can see some players don't have any Channel or Page but they have V Badge in Free Fire. Because they are eSports player. Yes if you are a eSports player and like play Free Fire Official tournament then you can also get V Badge. But how to Be A Official eSports player. Become a eSports player you need to some requirment. 
  If you are interested to know about How To be A Official eSports player in Free Fire then I will also make a detailed article about eSports player journey. For new updates subscribe our website notification for getting every Free Fire related information and news.