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Plan Bermuda Event Calendar

Plan Bermuda Event Calendar Free Fire - Money Heist Event Calendar - Plan Bermuda Event Calendar
Plan Bermuda Event Calendar
Plan Bermuda Calendar

Plan Bermuda Event is a most popular event of free fire. In previous year Garena release Money Heist Event, also this Money Heist 2.0 or Plan Bermuda event will arrive soon. 

  Free Fire X LCDP. the full form of LCDP is La Casa de Papel. English meaning of La Casa de Papel is The Money Heist. So we can called this event as Money Heist Event. 

Plan Bermuda Event Calendar Details

This event will start from 3 December and will last till December 16. 

Plan Bermuda : Raid and Run

Raid and Run event will start from 3 December. In this event; You will get a lot of items for free like Bundle, Face paint etc. Complete some simple mission for this following rewards.

After Match Drop

When we complete play a match and complete; then we get many types of rewards like fragments, EXP and more. From 3 December when you complete a match you will get Plan Bermuda Gold Token 3x in every match. 
   You can exchange this tokens for free rewards.

Let's Plan Again Web Event

Plan Bermuda web event will start from 4 december. By completing mission in this event you can get free Legendary loot box. 

Login For Rewards

Login between 7 to 14 december for Free Money Heist Golden Gift.

Peak Day Rewards

Play Free Fire and get LCDP legendary surfboard. This mission is only for one day 11 december.

Login on 11 december for free parachute skin.

Complete some existing mission and get free LCDP sports car.

Money Heist Mode

Play the new money heist mode in free fire and get free Money Heist Avatar. Available from 11 december.

Booyah Runi

Play booyah runi from 11 december and get free Ump create 3x, Money Heist theme pan, CraftLand mode room card and money heist pin (for profile).

Video About Plan Bermuda Calendar

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