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Atrangi Re Movie Review, Cast, Release Date

Atrangi Re Movie Review, Cast, Release Date full details - How To watch Atrangi Re Movie
Atrangi Re

Atrangi Re Movie Full Review

Himanshu Sharma, Rai's longtime collaborator and a fervent believer in distorting the rules of mainstream Hindi film through humour and allegory. It all starts with a woman on the run who hasn't been able to find a safe haven.

If you've been following M/s Rai and Sharma's films, you'll know that they're both dedicated to the concept of love at first sight—not infatuation or attraction, but a deep, abiding love that exists without a person realising it. So it's no wonder that Vishu fell in love with Rinku right away, despite the fact that his fiancée was waiting in the wings. The immaturity or date of this thought is far from the worst aspect of Atrangi Re.

Vishnu (Dhanush), a Tamil boy, is abducted and forced married off to Rinku (Sara Ali Khan), a Bihar girl who already has a boyfriend. Both sides resolve to separate since they are dissatisfied with the forced union. Rinku, on the other hand, falls in love with Vishnu.

Dhanush and Akshay are seasoned actors who can easily bounce back from a vacation. Which is a lot more than what was lost as a result of poor decisions. In his debut film, Kedarnath, the young actor was a bundle of pleasure, but he has struggled since since. Those who adored her performance in that film as the hopelessly bound Mandakini Mishra can only hope that she finds better teachers today.

Atrangi Re Official Trailer

Atrangi Re Movie Cast

  • Sara Ali Khan - Maya Dubay
  • Dhanush         - Deepak Kumar
  • Akshay Kumar - Samar Siddiqui
On December 24, 2021, Atrangi Re film was released in Hindi and Tamil on Disney+ Hotstar. Total Duration 2:30 min.