Convert to WEBP - Online Image Converter and Compressor

Convert to WEBP - Online Image Converter and Compressor

Convert image to WEBP - Online Image Converter to WEBP - Convert any image to WEBP online for free
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This tool also compress your file upto 90% in tiny file size. So, after convert your image you don't need to compress again.

Webp converter online
Before Convert 1.2MB Original File size

Webp converter online
After Convert/Compress 237KB Tiny File size with same resolution

What is WEBP image ?

Google introduced the open standard WebP picture format in 2010 and it enables both lossless and lossy compression. Google says that the new compression technology may reduce image size by up to 34% while keeping good quality. According to theory, because WebP pictures take up less storage space, the internet as a whole might be faster. WebP was developed by Google in order to provide smaller, better-looking pictures that would help the web respond faster. A WepB file comprises a RIFF-formatted container in addition to VP8 image data. It's a new lossless compression image format for photos.

Supported formats -

GIF / JPG / PNG / APNG / HEIC / MNG / FLIF / AVIF / WebP or other formates.