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February Elite Pass Pre order reward finally revealed for Free Fire

February Elite Pass Pre order reward - February Elite Pass Pre order review free fire
February elite pass
February Elite pass Pre order reward

Recently we have shared the upcoming discount event in January month. In this article you can see about upcoming elite pass called Papyrus Rebel.

  SILVER ROTHBART BUNDLE and PLATINUM ODETTE BUNDLE are two main Bundles you can see this elite pass. So; we are taking about the pre order reward. To receive this reward you can purchase it in 999 diamonds. 

 Here you can see a Legendary Pan skin called SWAN EMBRACE PAN, with dark blue and white colour combination like same as the dress. There was no any attributes in melee skin. Hope in future Garena Free Fire release attributes with in this types of skin.

 A discount event will appear from 25 january; you can see the full details here.