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Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code

Advance Server Activation Code

  Finally free fire advance server registration has started. Many players and youtubers are already registered, but only 5% registered user will only got the activation code. 

 But why ? There was many reasons why you are unable to get the activation code. because of activation code, we can play for Free Fire advance server. So if you follow my tips then your chance to get activation code will increased. 
Activation code example:/ FYRTTYTGGFRYFH this is a example code //

Free Fire Advance Server
Registration Advance Server

 First starting with normal registration process. Go to Advance Server Registration page. Now you can able to login with Google account. Select your registration service - Facebook or Google. Then login with your game account, complete your profile by entering your name, email address, phone number etc. After completing the registration process just wait for 6th January. If you are lucky user then you got the activation code. 

How to Register Advance Server

 Ok, these are simple process. But now I am sharing you advance process to get activation code. 50% players are got activation code by using this method. 
  First go to playstore or app store and download a Brazil vpn app and activate. Make a free fire Brazil id with Facebook. then delete the app and again go to playstore or app store and download Indonesia vpn app and activate Indonesia vpn. Open chrome browser and go to incognito mode. Search for Free Fire Advance Server. Click on first website and login with your Brazil Facebook id. Ok apply the same process by enter your profile details. Now wait for 6th January for Activation Code. This is because in Indonesian server there are many chances to get the activation code. 
 In advance Server release day active indonesia vpn app and open chrome incognito mode - registrar and collect your activation code. 
 This are information provide only for educational purposes.

 Congrats ! Now you can play Free Fire advance server.

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