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Free Fire Customer Service

How to contact customer service in free fire
Account ban problem

If you want to contact free fire customer service, then this is only for you. By applying this method you can easily contact the free fire customer service centre. 

 But first try to confirm why you want to contact. There was some Releted reason. 
  • I can't login
  • Diamond not receive after top up
  •  My free fire account was hacked
  • Account Suspended
  • Guest account recovery
So, first before going to apply form or contact customer support, make sure you id isn't ban by Garena. If you violate any terms and conditions in garena free fire, then you can't get your id back. 

 Free Fire Customer Service Contact

For support first go to Customer Service. Select your query like announcements, account issue, game concerns, payment issue etc. 

For recover guest account you follow these steps -

There's a good chance you'll lose your "Guest" account due to the planned system change. Please cancel your account to avoid such losses! Please be aware that free fire developers have already created an in-game feature that will allow impacted users to reclaim their lost guest accounts. Players that are affected will view the game on this screen. Tap on Recovery - Tap on Establish if you wish to make changes to your account or create a new guest account.

Lobby - Settings - Basic - Recover Guest Account

Guest Account Recovery
Recover Account
Recover Guest Account Free Fire
Recovery Message

Account Suspended

It is highly illegal to employ third-party programmes that allow any user to acquire an unfair competitive advantage. Such action jeopardises the community's credibility and destroys the game for everyone. As a result, garena have implemented a zero-tolerance policy, which means that any account proven guilty will be permanently suspended.

So if you are using any app to get extra features then also you get banned permanently. So, don't use third party apps even if the app available on playstore or app store.

 If you not receive your Diamonds after top up then you can get help from here.