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Free Fire Next Diamond Royale Confirmed for 25 January

Next Diamond Royale full details and review

Next diamond royale
Next diamond royale for 25 January

Recently we have shared the next gold royale bundle for ob32 update. Now the upcoming diamond royale bundle is also confirmed. 

 As you know in our current diamond royale; there was a female bundle available; so according to previous prediction after the end of this female bundle in diamond royale; there we will can see a male diamond royale bundle from 25 January called Dawnlit Hitman Bundle

About Dawnlit Hitman Bundle Diamond Royale

This bundle will avilable in diamond royale from 25 January in free fire. This is a Legendary bundle with premium effect with red colour. 

 Share you opinion about this diamond royale bundle; what you that this bundle deserve to come in diamond royale ? Honestly my opinion this is perfect Bundle with red hair colour and a mask; as diamond royale bundle.