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Free Legendary and Rare Pants in Free Fire (100% Win)

Get legendary pants in free fire - win free legendary pants in free fire

Free Pants in Free Fire
Get Free Pants in free fire

Free Fire Booyah introduce a new event today called Watch to Win 100%. So how you can win this exiting rewards ?  
 There are a lots of rewards are waiting for you like legendary pants which rarely get in paid events. But today you can collect 1 of them for free; by depends on your own luck. 

 There was 4 rare pants available with some extra items like 2 other guns create.
 So; if you are interested to complete this mission then first open your booyah app

Booyah !

Also you can follow me here. Now go to homepage of booyah app you can see a number of streamers. If you are a new user then first login with your free fire account in Booyah and bind free fire account. Now you are eligible for receiving gits from booyah app. 

Free Fire watch to win
Get Free Pants in free fire

 This event will end on 19 January. You can watch any streamer to complete your watch to win mission. Just watch for 60 minites only. 
  After milestone completed your rewards will send to your vault section under 24 hours. If you have less data to watch stream then you can easily play video at 240p or watch again tomorrow. Like watch 30 minutes today and again watch 30 minutes tomorrow; then you can easily complete 60 minites under 2 days. 

 Also share this website with your friends then they can also know about this amazing event.