Squad Beatz Event Calendar Free Fire, See the all free items

Squad Beatz Event Calendar Free Fire, See the all free items

Squad Beatz Event Calendar full details - Squad Beatz Event Free Fire - Upcoming Squad Beatz Event Free Fire - squad beatz calendar 2022

 After the end of she plays event the Squad Beatz Event will appear in Garena Free Fire from 4 february. Let's see the event details and all the free Items of this Squad Beatz Event. 

Squad Beatz Event Free Fire
Squad Beatz Event Calendar Full Details

According to the latest calendar event will start from 4 february and ends on 20 january.

Squad Beatz Calendar Details -

  • BEATZ DAILY MISSION from 4 february (Free Tokens)
  • AFTERMATCH DROP from 4 february (Free Tokens)
  • TRAVEL MISSION from 5 february (Free grande and Tokens)
  • KILL CHALLENGE from 8 february (Free legendary Pan skin)
  • MUSIC PROJECT from 9 february (Free parachute skin)
  • LOGIN ON 12 february (Free backpack skin)
  • PLAY TO WIN on 12 february (Free incubator voucher, guns create and tokens)
  • PLAY PET LUDO from 12 february (Free Squad Beatz Tokens)
  • BOOYAH CHALLENGE from 13 february (Free CraftLand mode room card)
  • WEEKEND PARTY from 16 february (free monster truck skin)

Note: recently the Squad Beatz Calendar was changed, so the Gold Draw section is removed from this calendar. We think there was a free M1887 skin and a Thompson skin added in old calender. But now in the lastest calendar you can't see the 2 free skin. Stay connected with us for further updates. 

24 January update : finally calendar Changed again and added gun skins.

Squad Beatz Event Calendar

The peak day of Squad Beatz Event is 12 february. So, don't forget to login 12 february to get more free rewards from the Squad Beatz Event. 

  Stay connected with us, we are sharing daily event updates from free fire.