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Squad Beatz is listed for next top up event in Free Fire

free fire next top up event
Free Fire next top up event

Squad Beatz Event will appear in free fire soon, also next top up event for India and Bangladesh server is confirmed. If you don't know about squad beatz and its calendar then read the article first and know about squad beatz's calendar and Free m1887 skin etc. 

In next week from 3rd february, there was a new top up event will appear called Squad Beatz Top Up 1. It means also squad beatz top up 2 will coming soon. Stay connected with us for squad beatz top up 2 updates. 

In squad beatz top up 1 you can see a bike skin with animation and attributes. The attributes for MOTOR BIKE - PURPLE REV are Damage+ Durability+ Handling + 

You can get this bike skin in 100 Diamonds of top up. The next and last item for next top up event is GLOO WALL-AURORA CORE. By top up with 300 diamonds you can own this gloo wall, looks good and premium.

What you think about this top up event ? This is value for money or not, share your opinion regarding the next top up event.