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What is Bulli Bai App: Bulli Bai App Developer Tracked by Police

What is Bulli Bai App - Full controversy explained

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Bulli Bai Creator Arrested

The IFSC Unit of the Special Cell of Delhi Police detained Neeraj Bishnoi, the inventor of the Bulli Bai app, on Thursday. Here's how the cops discovered him. Identifying Neeraj Bishnoi as a B.Tech second year student in Computer Science Engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Bhopal, the police officer said the 21-year-old is also the main Twitter account holder of 'Bully Bai'.

  Bishnoi is the principal conspirator and inventor of the 'Bully Bai' app on the GitHub platform, as well as the app's main Twitter account, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police (IFSO) KPS Malhotra. He went on to say that the Github account/app was created in November 2021 and updated in December 2021. On December 31st, a Twitter account was set up. He also claimed that he had set up a second Twitter account, @Sage0x1, to promote the app.

The debate erupted on January 1 when some Muslim women were discovered to be up for 'auction.' It looks to be a clone of the popular app 'Sully Deals,' which sparked a controversy last year by providing users 'Sully,' a disparaging nickname for Muslim women popularised by right-wing trolls. Which was hosted on the same GitHub platform.

Raids were carried out in Jorhat, Assam, and one individual was apprehended: Neeraj Bishnoi, son of Dashrath Bishnoi, of Digambar Chuk, Ward No. 2 (Part), Jorhat, Assam.

We will inform you all further updates about this topic soon.