Discovered currently not indexed - Indexed, not submitted in sitemap - URL is not on Google: Blogger

Discovered currently not indexed - Indexed, not submitted in sitemap - URL is not on Google: Blogger

Discovered currently not indexed. Crawled-currently not indexed.Indexed, not submitted in sitemap Blogger.All problems solution related search console
Discovered currently not indexed blogger
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Today we are going to discuss about Google Search Console problems like Discovered - currently not indexed blogger, Crawled - currently not indexed, indexed not submitted in sitemap blogger etc. 

This all problems are facing a new blogger or when a user create a new blog or website. In this article, we are trying to solve all your problems related Google Search Console for Blogger and your website.

Discovered - currently not indexed

Discovered currently not indexed, which means Google crawlers discovered your webpage, but not indexed.

Crawled - currently not indexed

 Crawled - currently not indexed means crawlers discovered your page and Crawled but still not indexed. May be crawlers detect some issues in your webpage. This is a indexing issue, so; fix this as soon as possible, otherwise your articles and posts not visible in Google search.

How to Fix Discovered currently not indexed, Crawled - currently not indexed

Make sure that you are using a correct sitemap in blogger. Sitemap is very important for crawlers and bots to index your pages perfectly. Go to this robots.txt generator page and generate your perfect sitemap for blogger. 

Sitemap Generator

After this you need to submit your website on Google News for index your pages within a minute. Google news is a news source where readers are comes to read daily headlines, updates etc and also publishers are publish their contents for readers. 

So if you provide genuine content that you can get Google news approvel for your website within a week. Watch this video below and submit your website for Google News.

Hindi Language

English Language

After you get approval for Google news, your website content indexed on Google within a minute. Because Google news send Google bots to your website to crawl your webpages after published immediately. 

 If you follow these all steps then you never get again Discovered currently not indexed, Crawled - currently not indexed, URL is not on Google issue again.

How to check your webpage indexed or not ?

Many new publisher check their webpost index or not on Google Search Console. But this is a wrong method. Google Search Console show your indexing results after 24 hours, not immediately. 

So; this is a right way to check - copy your URL that you want to check indexed or not. Type on Google search bar Site: Enter your URL that you want to check indexed or not

You can see the 2 different types of results, indexed or not like this two images 1st image when not indexed, 2nd image shows when indexed

search console indexing issue url is not on Google

Indexed, not submitted in sitemap Blogger

If you get Google news approvel then this issue maybe show in your search console dashboard. Basically this is not a issue, but some publisher are still thinking about that. To fix that go to Google Search Console, click on Sitemaps and add following codes as shown in that images and click Submit.

Submit sitemaps search console Submit sitemaps Google search console

After this you will not face this indexed not submitted in sitemap issue, this problems comes because if you not update content regularly then Google search console's sitemaps are not sync everyday. 

If you post one or two articles in a week then try to resubmit this codes that you copied recently, after you published your articles. By resubmitting your sitemaps on search console you are forced search console to sync your Sitemaps immediately. You can find your last sync time as Last Read in sitemaps page on search console. 

Failed: Server error (5xx)

This problem comes normally from Google search console. This is not basically your site problem. But some time you add some malicious links in your page, then this problem may create. So don't add spammy links in your website.

Refering page none detected

Refering page means how many other pages Interlinked with this page. This is not a error, for best practices you can add the webpage URL to your other webpage (This is called interlinking). 

What is interlinking ?

Creating hyperlinks on your website or post is referred to as linking. The method of interlinking occurs when your article has links to other articles on your site that are connected to the present post, allowing the reader to click on a link and be sent to another page on your website

When a user is reading an article on your website and that piece is referred to or connected to another item on your blog, the user should be sent to that article for a better grasp of your issue.

Benifits of interlinking for your website

  • It helps in increasing the visitor's average session time.
  • It helps in lowering the bounce rate of a website.
  • It helps in the improvement of a keyword's ranking.
  • It helps in the growth of page views per user.
  • It helps Google's crawling of your site and understanding of your topic.
Example of interlinking: when i provide Sitemaps generator tool link in top of this article then i interlinking that page, this is will shown as refering page in Google search console for that page.

Hope this article will solved all your Google search console issue in blogger.