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Free Fire removed from App Store and Google Play Store in India: know the reason

Free Fire removed from Play Store and app store on 12 february, know the reason and issue why free fire removed from Play Store
Free Fire Removed from Play Store and App Store
Free Fire Removed from Google Play Store

Following recent updates, gamers have gotten completely absorbed in Free Fire. They have, however, been having problems accessing their favourite mobile game since the morning of February 12th, yesterday.

Additionally, both the standard and upgraded versions of the app were recently deleted from the Apple App Store for unclear reasons. Fans and players have been left bewildered by these incidents, with considerable conjecture regarding their ban on the iOS platform adding to the confusion.

The reason for the deletions is unknown. At the time of writing, neither Garena nor any of Free Fire India's official social media accounts has made a public statement on the matter. In a Facebook post, Free Fire recognised the login difficulties and stated that they were being examined.

Free Fire Removed from Play Store
Free Fire Removed

Fans have speculated that this may be owing to an Indian ban on the game. In 2020, India's ministry of electronics and information technology had already prohibited many applications owing to alleged data privacy concerns. It's unclear whether Free Fire is also being investigated by the authorities. The government issued a public statement when the applications were prohibited in 2020. Even then, the apps were available on the app stores for a short period before being removed. There is no explanation for why both titles were removed from the App Store, but Garena is expected to give more information shortly. Fans can remain up to speed on the latest developments by following the brand on social media.

Garena Free Fire said:

we're aware about the issue and getting it investigated. In the meantime, please share your Network Provider name and also if you're using mobile data or Wi-Fi to launch the game.

In the meanwhile, gamers should avoid placing their trust in any continuing storey and desist from disseminating such information. So yet, no formal reason has been given, according to a number of sources. As a result, we'll have to wait a few hours for formal confirmation. This incident, on the other hand, has drawn a lot of attention. That is why gamers are looking for information on the internet.