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How to remove footer credit of blogger templates and add own copyright

How to remove footer credit of blogger template. Best ways to remove footer credit in blogger. Remove Footer Credit in blogger template
remove footer credit in blogger
Remove footer credit in Blogger

If you want remove remove footer credit of blogger website, then you are on the right place. In this article i will teach you how to remove footer credit of blogger and add own copyright. 

This problem is faced by new bloggers when they download a free version of any premium blogger template. Because of free version of that template creator add a author link in footer. 

It doesn't matter that what theme you are using, for all theme or template, the technic is same. 

Take a backup of your theme by clicking backup in theme section. If you do anything wrong during this process, then you can easily restore your theme

Step by step remove footer credit of blogger

Step 1: go to blogger and click theme, then click down arrow and click 'edit html' as shown in that images

remove footer credit blogger remove footer credit

Step 2: if you are using desktop, pc then click CTRL+F and search <footer>

Or if you are a using mobile device then select desktop mode in your browser. Go to end of your theme and find carefully <footer>

Here find the footer text or copyright that already added in your theme footer by default. You can find the copyright text with a link. Just cut the text and add your website name and replace the url with your website url. Here is a example which you need to change. Only highlighted text you need to change, don't change other text, otherwise you may got error.

<div class='footer-copyright' id='footer-copyright'>   
<span class='copyright-text'>Design by <a 
id='mycontent' title='Name'>Copyright name</a> 
| Distributed by <a 
href='https://www.gamenewsmania.in/' rel='dofollow' style='color:#1a73e8;font-weight:700;' target='_blank' 
title='Theme'>Copyright name</a></span>

After adding your own names and links save the template and check your blogger website. That's it; Your footer names and texts will changed with your website name.

This tutorial is only for educational purposes only. We do not tell to creak themes.