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YouTube Vanced Shut Down by Google: Top YouTube Vanced alternatives

Vanced, a YouTube premium version clone software that gives all of the features for free, is closing down as Google prepares to initiate complaint
YouTube Vanced shutdown by Google
YouTube Vanced ShutDown

Vanced, a YouTube premium version clone software that gives all of the features for free, is closing down as Google prepares to initiate a legal complaint against the platform. The owners of the Vanced platform have announced that the service will be shut down in the coming days and that all download links will be removed. Vanced was likewise shut down "due to legal grounds," according to the creators. Right now, if you go to the Vanced website, it reads "Vanced is no longer accessible."

Vanced is a free premium version of the YouTube app that removes all of the video ad that come with the standard YouTube sign up. Vanced has its own take on the dark mode, and the recent news has piqued interest in it. And frequent users of the platform are dissatisfied with the new version.

YouTube Vanced is a modified version of Google's Android YouTube app that was released in 2017. Anyone who has the app downloaded on their phone can continue to use it, according to Vanced Official's tweet. However, these individuals should disregard any app upgrades, as the software is expected to become obsolete in two years or less, according to the account.

Top YouTube Vanced alternatives


NewPipe is a tried-and-true alternative to Vanced that has been around for much longer. It's fully free and open-source, with features like background playback, picture-in-picture, and video download. It's constantly updated with new features, and the developers are extremely concerned about privacy.


LibreTube is an intriguing YouTube app because it is presently in beta. It does, however, have several key characteristics that may convince you to give it a try. One of the most intriguing aspects of LibreTube is that it employs Piped, which eliminates the need to connect directly to Google's servers. Between you and Google, there's a server (and LibreTube lets you select from a few). If you wish to subscribe to channels, you can create an account on that server.


Another ad-free YouTube streaming programme is SkyTube, which is open-source. SkyTube, like NewPipe, does not rely on Google for its functionality. It works similarly to NewPipe in that it allows you to subscribe to YouTube channels, bookmark videos, build playlists, and more. You may block and whitelist particular channels that you don't want to view videos from, in addition to the features NewPipe provides.