5 Tips to make your Android Smartphone cool and get rid of Heating issue

5 Tips to make your Android Smartphone cool and get rid of Heating issue

Mobile heating is a popular issue in summer season, here is some tips from experts for make your smartphone cool.
5 Tips to make your Android Smartphone cool and get rid of Heating issue
Make Your smartphone cool

Heating is a critical issue for smartphones. In winter season you can handle it easily but when you move to summer season, then this will create problems for your android phone. You will know all the perfect solution for making a smartphone cool and fast by reading this article.

Before starting let's take about why a smartphone heat?

There was many noteable things available to make phones over heat. More apps, Doing heavy tasks, Gaming etc.

  1. Delete or uninstall bloatware
  2. Don't install heavy games
  3. Do not install CLEANER, CPU cooler and virus remover apps
  4. Restart your phone 1 time in every week
  5. Don't give Hotspot.
  6. Try to use wifi network instead of mobile data (Bonus Tip)

Bloatware means those apps that pre installed by Smartphone manufacturer. You can easily uninstall some some who takes space in your smartphone. Also some cases you can get help from professionals for removing bloatware using a pc or laptop.

Yes! If you play heavy games like upto 2GB, 3GB. Then your phone definitely start heating after 1 to 2 hours playing. This is because your Ram and processer not enough for that game. Try to play with simple and smooth graphics.

Some new users think that if they install the cooler, CPU and GPU cooler apps, then they can get rid of Heating issue. But this is your biggest mistake if you are using this types of apps even they available on play store. This apps are made for just making users fool. By seeing their CPU cooling animation users are easily trust those apps. There was no any sense to download this types of apps and give your privacy access to them. So uninstall cleaning and cooling apps ASAP.

When you open a app in every moment and clean it from background, basically the app still running on background but you don't know about it. So try to restart your phone 1 time every week.

Most popular tip is don't share hotspot from your android phone if your smartphone on charging and even you are doing some heavy tasks. This is my personal experience, when i give Hotspot from my 2GB ram phone to other phones. The 2GB phone was start overheating.

If you have a WiFi network, then definitely take internet from wifi network instead of mobile network. This will help you remove some load from your mobile processor.

You can enable this settings also like - use phones at 60Hz refresh rate instead of 90/120Hz. Enable no performance mode, power saving mode. Use minimum brightness at low light conditions.