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Call Recording Apps will be removed from Google Play services

On May 11, Google's new Play Store rules will take effect.
Call Recording Apps will be removed from Google Play services
Call recording apps will end soon

Google is reportedly planning on modifying its Play Store developer standards to prohibit mobile apps from using the Accessibility API for call recording.

This implies that starting May 11, Android users who have a smartphone without a built-in call recorder will be unable to record calls. The new policy modifications, which were initially noticed by Reddit user NLL Applications, only apply to third-party call recording apps. The native call recording functionality will continue to function normally. So, if a user's smartphone includes a call recording feature, he or she can continue to utilise it. This implies they can keep recording calls without using a third-party software. Because they come pre-installed on the phone and are not subject to Play Store regulations, system or native/default applications can request any permission.

During a recent developer conference, Google also officially disclosed the policy changes. "If the app is the default dialer on the phone and also pre-loaded." The presenter explained during the webinar discussing the Google Play policy modifications, "accessibility capability is not necessary to obtain access to the incoming audio calls, and hence will not be in violation."

Google's anti-call-recording campaign is nothing new. With Android 6.0, the firm disabled the official call recording API, which allowed developers to include the functionality in their apps. After that, Google shut out some of the unauthorised solutions with Android 9.0. Finally, with Android 10, call recording is off by default.