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Google Pixel Watch found in a restaurant

Here are some real-life images of a Pixel Watch that was left at a restaurant.
Google Pixel Watch found in a restaurant
Google Pixel Watch (image- reddit)

You may recall that we wrote about the Google Pixel Watch that was accidentally left at a restaurant. These provided the first glimpses of what may be Google's future wearable. While we were only able to examine the device and the straps individually, the person in possession of the device was unable to power it up and show us the interface. When the smartwatch was turned on, all we saw was a white 'G' logo.

However, we now have a clearer idea of how the Pixel Watch appears on someone's wrist. These photographs were uploaded by Reddit user Tagtech414, the same individual who released the dial photos before. Tagtech414 did add that the straps were supplied separately by his buddy, the bartender who gave him the gadget, so there was no opportunity to view how it would appear on the wrist at the time. The watch and the straps were "packed separately" and his friend "forgot to bring them over," the Redditor said in his AMA.

Google pixel watch found in a restaurant pixel watch found in a restaurant

According to the Reddit article, the Google Pixel Watch band is 20mm in diameter, compared to Apple's 22mm. The strap, as well as the sensor configuration on this gadget, appears to be comparable to that of the FitBit Charge 5. In his remark, Tagtech414 stated that the watch is "pleasant to wear" and "feels like it's not even there." When bending his wrist back or typing, the "crown does NOT poke the back of my hand," he said. He's updated his Imgur collection with more photos of the watch and strap from various perspectives.

On May 11, Google I/O will go off, providing another another opportunity for Google to reveal the Pixel Watch. Of course, there are no assurances that it will do so; it has already had several opportunities.