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Google reveals about Android 14 code name as Upside Down Cake

Google has begun development on the Android Operating System's next generation.
Google reveals about Android 14 code name Upside Down Cake
Android 14 update

Android 13 is still in production (as we wait impatiently for Beta 1 to arrive), but even though its stable release is still months away, elements are beginning to fall into place for future Android versions. One subject we've been debating for a while is which dessert beginning with the letter U may be picked as the Android 14 development code name — and there aren't many apparent U-names to choose from. We finally have an answer today, with Android 14 being codenamed Upside Down Cake.

Android engineers are presently working on Android 13, which will be released later this year. Nonetheless, engineers have begun to concentrate on the next version of Android.

Android 14 revealed by Google
Source: Google Source

While public announcements and branding for Android updates now stick to numbers, food-related names are still used internally at Google as codenames. Android 14 (aka Android U), as 9to5Google discovered in the Android Open Source Project code, is codenamed Upside Down Cake. If you've never eaten one before, an Upside Down Cake is exactly what it sounds like: the decorations are placed at the bottom of the pan before the cake batter is poured on top. Everything is turned over after baking so the embellishments are on top.

As of now, there's not much to report about Android 14, albeit the existence of a codename suggests that work on the programme has begun at Google. However, it's doubtful that we'll hear anything formal about it before 2023.

In terms of what we'd like to see in Android 14, it's difficult to imagine how Android and iOS might improve on what we now have. Minor changes to phone customization choices and support for eSIMs will be included in Android 13, but these will hardly transform the way you use your phone.