Moon Knight Episode 3 review: Post credit and ending explain

Moon Knight Episode 3 review: Post credit and ending explain

A celestial entity and a renowned comics villain are introduced in the Disney Plus Marvel Cinematic Universe episode.
Movie Knight Episode 3 review: Post credit and ending explain
Moon Knight episode 3 explain

The most recent episode is darker than the previous two, and if you're curious about the significance of the program's conclusion, here's all you need to know.

The third episode takes up where the second one left off. Marc Spector finds himself in Egypt, where he continues to seek for Arthur Harrow, who is approaching Ammit's tomb. Khonshu appears to be a callous God who will go to any extent to attain his goal throughout the first half of the episode. The Egyptian God of the Moon, on the other hand, demonstrates that whatever is going on is larger than he is. As a result, he goes against Ennead twice in the episode, despite the fact that he knows the Gods would imprison him in a stone.

The most recent episode, like the previous ones, ends on a cliffhanger. As a result, any MCU fan would expect a post-credit sequence at the conclusion of the film. However, unlike the previous two episodes, Episode 3 of Moon Knight lacks a post or end credit scene. As a result, there's little need to stay glued to the screen until the credits begin to roll. In the episode, Khonshu is willing to go to any length to stop Arthur and arranges a meeting with Ennead. There, we meet Avatars of other Gods who chastise Khonshu for meddling in men's affairs. Khonshu, on the other hand, claims that he is doing everything he can to prevent Arthur from bringing Ammit back. Ennead summons Arthur after hearing this.

Marc suggests that Senfu's Sacrofagus may be used to locate Ammit's grave. Ammit was apparently buried in secrecy, and even Gods don't know where Ammit's tomb is. They did, however, assign Senfu the responsibility of recording Ammit's burial spot in case the Gods change their minds in the future.

Marc locates Senfu's Sacrofagus with the assistance of Layla, and Steven assists them in locating Ammit's tomb. The only difficulty is that Ammit's position was reported 2000 years ago, which means the stars have moved. They need to know where the stars were 2000 years ago in order to find Ammit's burial. Khonshu changes the stars in the present period to where they were all those years ago at this point. Of course, this enrages the Ennead, who imprison Khonshu in a stone, as the Egyptian God of Moon said would happen.