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New State Mobile Patch notes April 0.9.30 and Known issues with this update

New State Mobile Patch note for April was released with new changes
New State Mobile Patch note April 0.9.30 and Known issues with this update
New State New Patch note

The April update for PUBG New State is now available. The 0.9.30 upgrade, like every other big update, will bring a slew of new improvements, features, and tweaks. A new game mode, weaponry, gun customizations, throwables, and more are all included. A new cooperation will be included in the update, this time with the renowned online social deduction game Among Us.

New Erangel Extreme BR Mode in New State Mobile

New State Mobile Patch note April 0.9.30

In the Erangel Extreme BR Mode, 48 people compete in a Battle Royale game. The bouts are meant to last up to 15 minutes each. The mode will be played under the 'Erangel Sunset' weather effect, which is a unique weather effect.

Another distinguishing feature of the concept is the manner in which the match will begin. Players will arrive with a large number of goods already attached to them. A Skorpion and a Viper A-Spec sight are included. A total of 20 rounds will be put into the weapon, with an extra 30 rounds in the inventory. A level 1 helmet and body armour, a smoke grenade, a first aid kit, a painkiller, two energy drinks, and four bandages are among the other equipment they will carry.

New State - Weapon customization and accessories for the new MCX assault rifle

New State Mobile Patch note new gun

The MCX is a brand-new assault rifle that fires 5.56mm ammunition. Due to its fast rate of fire, it has a significant damage output. Scope, magazine, muzzle, grip, and stock slots are all available on the MCX. A new upgraded suppressor will be added to the weapon, which will provide better noise suppression, damage, and recoil management.

Customizations are also available for the DSR-1 and Crossbow. A Tank Flash Hider may now be added to the muzzle of the DSR-1. Damage is increased, but vertical recoil control is reduced. Magnetic explosives that can be connected to bolt tips will be added to the Crossbow in the meanwhile. The magnet will stick to metal items for five seconds before exploding. The bolt will cause less damage if the bomb does not explode.

New State Mobile April update granade launcher

A Grenade Launcher is one of the new attachments, and it may be attached to the grip slot of several weapons. More guns will be compatible with the adapter in the future, including the M416, and the Beryl M762. By altering the fire mode, players may swap between bullets and grenades. The launcher will spawn with no ammunition, however 1-2 grenades will spawn beside it. The Drone Store has more grenades available for purchase. It should be noted that with the Grenade Launcher mounted, the pistol will work normally, although players will experience greater weapon recoil.

New State Mobile April update

The 10x Deca Vision scope is the most recent addition to the game. Because to its small size, the Deca Vision may be mounted on any rifle that can accommodate a 6x scope. The new scope can be adjusted from 3x to 10x and can only be purchased for 1000 credits from the Drone Store.

New State Mobile New throwables and items

During gameplay, players will now come across the Poison Gas Bomb. Their bomb will produce a toxic cloud that will cover a large area, as the name implies. Any athletes who are trapped in the cloud will have to hold their breath. When the breath gauge reaches zero, their health begins to deteriorate. The T-RS is a brand-new item that entirely restores the user's health while also filling their boost gauge to 100. While the T-RS is difficult to come across on the map, it may be purchased at the Drome Store.

Among us collaboration New State Mobile

New State Mobile Patch note April

A cooperation with Among Us will also be included in the update. Players may see Among Us-themed alterations to specific areas of Troi as part of the update. Starting Island, Anchorville, and Chester are all included. Characters from Among Us will now appear at these areas, as well as animated murals.

Aside from that, before boarding the plane, players will be able to play a new mini-game on the Starting island. One of the members of the team will be an Imposter, while the others will be Crew Members. To win, the Imposter must conceal among the Crew Members and kill them with a firearm. Meanwhile, in order to win, the Crew Members must fulfil duties while avoiding being removed by the Impostor.

New State Mobile update 0.9

Known issues with PUBG New State 0.9.30

In Among us Giveaway event Daily Missions do not reset at 00:00 due to a bug (UTC)

A patch has been implemented to address this issue.

For those who haven't logged in today, the Daily Missions will be reset instantly.

For players that logged in today, the Daily Missions will reset tomorrow at 00:00 (UTC).

For those who did not have their daily missions reset, New State developers have issued compensation. Remember to retrieve from the in-game mail system before they expire.

Royale Chest

When you utilise a Royale Chest Ticket from your inventory, a notification warning you that the product has expired will occasionally display.

If you run across this problem, go to [Store > Royale Chest Tab] and submit the ticket.