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Nothing Launcher Beta version Apk available for download on Google Play Store

Nothing Launcher Beta is now available on the Google Play Store - see which devices are eligible, how to get it, and more.

Nothing has announced the release of its Nothing Launcher (Beta) operating system on Google Play Store, which is great news for Nothing enthusiasts. Nothing OS images and animations are linked by its particular design language, which Android users may sample.

Carl Pei, the company's CEO and co-founder, revealed plans to debut Nothing phone (1), the company's first smartphone, last month, while also revealing the first look at Nothing OS. Nothing OS gives Android users a unique experience.

Nothing Launcher installation guide

At least with my Galaxy S22, the installation and setup process was rather straightforward. The icon does not display on the home screen because this is a beta version. I simply had to change the default home app from the settings after downloading Nothing Launcher (Beta) from the Google Play Store. Nothing has also published some launcher wallpapers and ringtones. These must be downloaded individually.

Nothing Launcher first impression

When you enable the launcher, you'll get a tidy and simple 4x5 home screen with a few pre-installed Google applications and Nothing's trademark wallpaper. The layout may also be adjusted to 5x5. Nothing provided the default icon pack. The icons are circular, have a new appearance, and are evenly spaced. Third-party icon packs are also supported by the launcher.

The main screen is straightforward. The bottom dock has a Google search bar on top of it. However, the left-hand Google Discover feed is absent. To access the app drawer, slide up. It has a sharp vibe to it. The 'Always show keyboard' option is available here. When this option is set, the keyboard will open immediately whenever you open the app drawer. It allows you to search for a certain app directly.

Nothing has produced two new wallpapers that are mostly in its colours, in addition to the pre-applied wallpaper. Because of its grey colour, the default wallpaper makes it difficult to view the on-screen text. By long tapping the home screen, you may change the wallpaper. It does, however, lead you to the phone's default wallpaper choice.

Adding widgets to the home screen is another option. Nothing has added three 'custom' widgets to this page, including a digital clock, an analogue clock, and a weather widget. The implementation does not impress me. They are illegible on the home screen due to the colour and font choices. Also, I realised that if I placed two large widgets on the home screen, I won't be able to use the 'Max icons' feature, which is perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of this launcher.

It's a one-of-a-kind feature. Increase the size of an icon or folder in the launcher to make it stand out from the throng. It's also quite simple to use. You may enlarge or shrink any icon on the home screen by just holding it. Notification dots are also supported by the launcher, so you'll notice a little dot on top of an app with unread notifications.