Top 5 to Explore in Metaverse Virtual World

Top 5 to Explore in Metaverse Virtual World

Metaverse is a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain that is reshaping the game industry.
Top 7 to Explore in Metaverse Virtual World
Top 7 to Explore in Metaverse Virtual World (Shutterstock Photo)

Metaverse is a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain that is reshaping the game industry. This game's design focuses on creating an immersive experience where players may earn money and form important relationships while playing. This game uses blockchain technology to provide an augmented reality experience. This 3D open world revolves around digital assets. The Metaverse ecosystem's base is made up of these assets.

NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds is a collection of 10,000 virtual worlds on the Ethereum blockchain that are represented by NFTs. Each planet is a vast cosmos that can be transformed into anything a user may dream. Each land plot is a mini-metaverse built on top of Minecraft that users may shape, create, and construct as they see fit. Visitors are allowed to examine each one's own characteristics. The options appear limitless, as NFT owners have complete control over their surroundings. They have the ability to develop new game modes as well. Role-playing games, tower defence games, and first-person shooters are just a few examples of the community's work. Play-to-earn elements are used in each of these games to earn WRLD or other NFT Worlds-powered incentives.


Blockchain-based Sandbox is a virtual environment and game in which you may purchase, sell, and trade virtual land parcels. Sandbox is based on the Ethereum blockchain, which serves as the foundation for the project. It is well-known for providing stability and security. On the other hand, it is not very cheap to use. To do this, SandBox has created the SAND cryptocurrency, which is based on Ethereum. SAND tokens enable you to use your money to pay gas expenses on the Ethereum network.


The Metaverse includes the HyperVerse, a virtual world platform. Each world is a planet, and the HyperVerse is made up of planets that aren't held by any one entity. There are millions of distinct worlds in our cosmos. Every person who lives in the HyperVerse is known as a Voyager. Voyagers may create tokens, interact with one another, and travel the world together.

Somnium Space

The platform Somnium Space is open-source. Users may buy digital land, construct homes and buildings, play hyper-realistic video games, launch companies, and host concerts and live events. The platform was established in 2017 by Artur Sychov, the creator and CEO of Somnium Space, and it was made public in September 2018. VR, PC, and online are all used to enter the environment, which is also available on mobile. The company's main goal is to provide people with the most unique virtual reality experience possible.


Decentraland is a virtual reality platform based on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to create, enjoy, and monetise content and apps. MANA is the Decentraland platform's native token for all transactions. Users acquire pieces of land in this virtual environment, which they may then traverse, develop on, and monetize. Users have built a broad range of activities on their parcels of LAND since it opened to the public in February 2020, including interactive games, expansive 3D sceneries, and several other interactive experiences. Immerse yourself in Decentraland and create your own avatar.