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2 Facebook features that depends on your location are being Shut Down

Facebook rely on location access to promote certain of its features to users, and it is now slowing down but not fully eliminating this practise.

Facebook uses location access to provide you with a variety of services, and it plans to discontinue using it for two of them later this month. Nearby Friends and Weather Alerts will no longer be available on Facebook for its millions of users worldwide after May 31, 2022, according to the social networking giant.

Those features have been available for a long time, but it appears that they have taken the brunt of the new Meta regulations. Nearby Friends, as the name implies, allowed users to find others who lived close to them, with Facebook being able to see their position and use it to monitor other people.

Weather Alerts is a much more apparent choice here because it's impossible to provide you the correct temperature in the region without proper location access. This technique was used by Facebook to determine your location.

The location history of Facebook users may be accessed and downloaded until August 1, 2022, after which the data will be deleted from Facebook's servers.

However, Facebook's decision to disable location access for certain functions does not imply that it would cease collecting location data entirely. The platform will continue to gather your location data, which will presumably be utilised for additional functions that the business does not specify.

Facebook was already hit hard by Apple's strict surveillance measures, which appear to have hurt its income in the last year or two. Mark Zuckerberg has also mentioned the adjustments made by Apple, which have put a halt to its digital ad revenue.