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Apple Watch Series 8 will support body temperature sensor

The Apple Watch Series 8 might have body temperature monitoring.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to be released alongside the iPhone 14 later this year. The rumour mill is ablaze with speculation that the Watch Series 8 will have a slew of new functions, largely advancements over the previous iteration.

For example, there were initial suggestions that the Watch Series 8 will have a body temperature sensor, but Bloomberg's Mark Gurman later discounted such allegations, saying that Apple may still be working on that feature and that it is unlikely to be included in the Watch Series 8. Apple may be working on an algorithm to provide temperature measurement on the Watch Series 8, according to respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Apple had to cancel the body temperature sensor for last year's Apple Watch Series 7 because their algorithm "failed to qualify before entering EVT (Engineering Validation Testing) stage," according to Kuo's Twitter account.

However, Apple may revisit the algorithm this year, and if it fulfils the company's "strict criteria," it might be included in the Watch Series 8. In all probability, the body temperature sensor will take the user's temperature and, using the information gathered, tell them if they have a fever and offer advice on how to keep their body temperature at a healthy level.

The fluctuating body temperature sensor of the skin, according to Kuo, is the largest impediment, or rather challenge, in incorporating a body temperature sensor in a wristwatch. The skin's temperature changes with the outside environment, and hardware alone cannot compute the core body temperature.

As a result, an algorithm is required. However, developing the algorithm is a time-consuming process, and Apple, being Apple, does not want to compromise on quality. That indicates that if the algorithm, which is still in development, fails to fulfil the requirements, Apple will likely drop the feature this year.

Not only Apple, but Samsung, Apple's main smartwatch competitor, is having similar troubles with body temperature monitoring on smartwatches.

This issue, according to Kuo, is driving Samsung to delay the functionality, and suggestions that forthcoming Galaxy smartwatches would have body temperature sensors are inaccurate. Kuo's most recent tweet also contradicts Gurman's forecast that the Apple Watch Series 8 would not include a body temperature sensor.