Bird Playing on See-Saw in a Park, Video gone Viral on Internet

Viral video of a Bird know about science behind the See-Saw

Sometimes come across lovely clips on the Internet that make us smile, and we like watching them over and over again. Today, we have a video of a bird that will make you smile, and it is of a bird playing see-saw in a park. We often see tiny children playing on see-saws, but have you ever seen a bird alone on one?

In this viral video, a bird is seen swinging on a see-saw, and as soon as the bird places its weight on one side, the swing drops down, and the bird then places its weight on the other side.

The bird does this several times and appears to be having a great time on the see-saw. We seldom see videos of birds, and netizens have been leaving nice comments after viewing this one, albeit no information about where it was shot has been released.

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