DEMONIC GRIN Evo FAMAS Tipped to Release on this 1st week of June in India

Evo FAMAS confirmed to release in India next week with powerful attributes and special effects

Finally Garena Hint to release Evo FAMAS, the most anticipated Evo skin in India on this june. Players are waiting for this evolution famas skin, Why not? Because this is a first evo famas skin in free fire called Demonic Grin Evo Famas.

According to tipster @aorus69_ofc on Instagram, this evo famas skin will avilable first week of June, also he mentioned that the expected date is 5th June. So we can expect this most anticipated Evo skin will avilable in India next week.

However, some users said that this Evo skin will be available on Web event, but seeing previous condition we can expect to comes in Faded wheel. If this skin available on faded wheel, then players can able to claim this evo skin under 1100 diamonds, also some luckiest gamers will get it only on staring spin with (9/19 diamonds).

Demonic Grin Famas has a ability to give extra damage to moving enemy, which means when enemy will running, then it's gives extra damage, only unlock on level 6. It has attributes of increase double damege, single rate of fire and reload speed of single decrease.

Moreover, the 2 new top up event will avilable based on Demonic Grin theme, which includes Gloo Wall, surfboard, backpack and lootbox.

Demonic Grin Top Up

  • 100 Diamonds: Lootbox and surfboard
  • 500 Diamonds: Backpack and Gloo Wall

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