Dhaakad Review, Kangana Ranaut Best Action Movie of the year released

Debutante filmmaker Razneesh Razy Ghai, who co-wrote the narrative, works hard to break through the congestion

Dhaakad is a high-octane, high-decibel action thriller that delivers precisely what it promises. The picture does not keep you waiting since it is driven by a tale that begins good but quickly becomes absurd.

Despite this, it succeeds, particularly as a star vehicle for Ranaut, who looks lovely and kicks all kinds of ass. The actor plays a gender bender, and we may pause here to reflect on the sexist reality in which an action picture can only use male performers.

Special Agent Agni (Rannaut) is a courageous field officer of the International Task Force, an Indian government fictional organisation. Rudraveer (Arjun Rampal), an international human trafficker and coal mafioso, and his muse Rohini have been sent to acquire information and finally destroy them (Divya Dutta). When Agni finds a secret that links her to Rudraveer, things get personal.

Filmmaker Razneesh Razy Ghai, who co-wrote the narrative, works hard to break through the congestion, and the picture succeeds in places while failing in others. It doesn't waste time with unnecessary subplots or song and dance routines, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. However, the picture is held down by a poor writing and a rather confused plot.

The camerawork of Japanese cinematographer Tetsuo Nagata deserves special praise for creating a stunning world of blood and gore, with brilliant shades of grey, crimson, and blue.

With a running duration of only two hours and ten minutes, the picture begins to seem a little long, particularly in the third act, which becomes a little repetitive. It's fast-paced, clever, and subversive, and it's delivered with such zeal and aggression that you're not troubled by how far-fetched it all is. Some action sequences appear realistic and, in some cases, simple). The filmmaker fails to give the audience much room to consider. All they have to do now is sit back, go with the flow, flabby and awkward as it may be, and see Ranaut blazing on the screen.

Because she does with such ferocity and audacity that you can't take your gaze away from her, especially while she's running. While we never lose sight of the fact that we're seeing Kangana Ranaut, she thoroughly immerses herself in the part. She is the only actor I can think of who deserves their own pulpy action franchise.

Dhaakad movie review

Kangana Ranaut strong showing, together with her high-impact stunt skills, establishes her as a powerful female action star. Apart from her, Rampal seemed to be on a roll, adding a crazy energy and an incredible swagger to his role and even stealing certain moments from Ranaut. As Rampal's business partner, Dutta delivers a strong performance. Sharib Hashmi and Saswata Chatterjee appear to be lacking in punch. Watch movie for Kangana Ranaut's finest performance, not for the absurd world it transports you to.

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