FFWS Redeem Code May 21, Free Fire World Series Live Watching Redeem Code

Players will be able to receive legendary gloo wall skins, emotes, coupons, costumes, and more, in this FFWS live stream

The largest international competition for Free Fire is back in town, and gamers can vote for their favourite teams and encourage them on by voting for their ending. Players and teams from all over the world have united to compete for the title and the FFWS 2022 trophy with full bravery and appreciation.

As you all know, Garena is notorious for quickly adding new events, such as the FFWS, into the game, giving players the opportunity to obtain numerous special gifts. As is customary, the producers have included a plethora of prizes for the FFWS 2022 tournament. Gamers now have the best opportunity to win some unique prizes by watching and finishing the live broadcast.

This time, the organizers have chosen to make FFWS 2022 even more appealing by commemorating the finals by giving the players some milestone things so that they may enjoy the match and game even more. 

Players will be able to receive legendary gloo wall skins, emotes, coupons, costumes, and more, as per your kind information. Players may watch the Livestream through the Free FIre app or the official Free Fires Youtube Channel on May 21st, 6:30 PM IST, to earn viewing incentives. The following is a list of the prizes.

Free Fire World Series Live Watching Rewards

  1. 200K live watching: Choose 1 Character out of 25 and Diamond Royale Vouchers x3.
  2. 400K live watching: FFWS Dance Emote and Weapon Royale Voucher x3.
  3. 700K live watching: Choose 1 Gloo Wall skin out of 3 and One Room Card.

FFWS Live Watching Redeem Code

Redeem Code not given, you can claim rewards via game
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