Free Fire Advance server Activation code Trick and Server Open date revealed officially

Free Fire Advance server Activation code Trick and Server Open date revealed officially

Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code trick and registration process full guide inside with details

Free Fire is unquestionably one of the most popular mobile games, and Garena continues to add new in-game features to keep players interested.

Garena runs an advance server to test upgrades before they are released. Every two months, Free Fire's Advanced Servers are published. Registration for the new OB34 Advance Server has started, and the server is set to launch on May 12, 2022.

You may signup for the Free Fire OB34 Advance server and download the APK file once it becomes live if you're interested in seeing what's coming up in Free Fire. On May 6, you may register for the advanced server, and on May 12, you can download the advanced server APK. To register for the Free Fire OB34 Advance server and get the APK file, follow these steps:

Steps to register for Advance server

Step 1: Go to offical website

Step 2: Login with Facebook or Google

Step 3: Enter email ID and create your profile

Step 4: After creating profile you can see a activation code

After applying this method, you will successfully got registered. But a activation code, is still available for limited users.

Steps to get Advance server activation code

Step 1: Open Chrome browser

Step 2: Click 3 dot, then settings

Step 3: click on language and Add Indonesia language

Step 4: click and hold above Indonesia language

Step 5: drag it to top

Step 6: close browser from background and open again

Now go again to advance server website and login with new gamil id and make new profile. After making profile you will get activation code successfully and will able to play advance server on May 12. If you face any problem then you can see video above.

So if you watched the full video then you can get total 6 activation code as SKY GAMING said. Special thanks to him to share this activation code to Game News Mania's readers.

Please take only 1 code, and don't it use for selling. Who will login fastly after opening advance server, he/she can able to access advance server. Advance server correct opening time and apk for download will share on this website soon


Just copy or take a Screenshot of this codes and login to advance server on May 12 by downloading Advance Server apk. Advance server installation process will share on May 12 in this website.