Free Fire The Hideout Elite Pass Discount Event, check you are eligible or not for EP Discount

Free Fire new The Hideout event with Elite Pass discount, check steps to claim elite pass

After the latest patch update garena released and Update The Hideout section in Free Fire MAX. Players will able to access a discount on Elite Pass. But this is only for limited players in Free Fire.

If you are eligible for this event, then you can check your in game mail box and The Hideout event section. Also note that only FF MAX users will able to get or purchase this Elite Pass, because in Google Play Store, normal Free Fire not available in India. So, you need to download Free Fire MAX to get discount on Elite Pass.

To access Hideout event just go to News section and select Supply Chest. Here you can find Elite Pass discount if you are eligible for this event.

Steps to get Elite Pass from The Hideout event

  1. Just click on Spin 9.
  2. After 4 spin completed, you will get Elite Pass.
  3. Go to Elite Pass section and claim all items.
You need at least 236 diamonds in your Free Fire account, but it's depends on your luck, also you can get it only 9 diamonds.

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