Free Fire and Free Fire MAX Latest Version Apk Download with Full Installation Guide inside

Finally free fire official introduces the latest game version of Garena Free Fire and Free Fire MAX. From May 25, players are able to download the latest update Free Fire Rampage United.

If you want to upgrade your game then you are on right place. Follow instructions below to successfully update your free fire.

Why Choose Free Fire MAX instead of Free Fire?

free fire apk

As you know after get ban free fire in India, they are trying to migrate players from Free Fire to Free Fire MAX. So, in this patch update garena make free fire max more Lite. It's only 500MB on play store. Meanwhile, this is 400MB less than previous version. Now you can easily run free fire on 2GB or above devices.

But still you can choose normal free fire, but i suggest you to get more experience and free rewards and events try Free Fire MAX.

Now let's talk about how to download the latest version of Free Fire.

Step to Download Free Fire/Free Fire MAX

  1. Click on APK Button to download normal free fire APK.
  2. Click Free Fire MAX for play store version.
  3. Download the apk and give permission from unknown source installation
  4. Just install it.
  5. If free fire max , you can directly update from play store.
Free Fire ( 56.12 MB
Free Fire MAX (Google Play).package 506 MB

Get too many lag or heating issue in Free Fire MAX? Just turn off these Settings.

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