Free Fire New Patch Update event with Free Magic Cube added for May 25

Free Fire New Patch Update event with Free Magic Cube added for May 25

Free Fire new patch update event Free Magic Cube and Incubator free weapons skin

Free Fire officially announced today that they soon release Patch Update for India later this month. Players will able to enjoy the new update after May 25. Free Fire Max players can directly update their game via Play Store or App store.

For Free Fire users they can update new patch from Official free fire website by downloading apk file.

So now let's talk about rewards for upgrade to new patch. On May 14 free fire released a poster on their India official social page with some hints. I will explain you, regarding all rewards details.

There was 3 rounds available to get Magic Cube:

  1. First Round
  2. Second Round
  3. Third Round

First round has started from May 14 and till May 21. During this time players can claim 1 out of 3 pet for permanent. There was 3 pets available to choose - Fox, Mr. Waggor and Dreki. I personally used Mr waggor, so i suggest you to claim this pet. This pet will help you during battle by giving 1 gloo wall every 2 minutes.

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Second round will start from May 23 and till May 25. With this round players will able to collect free 1 weapons skin out of 3.

Patch Update Free Weapons skin names

  • UMP - Zebra Papercut
  • M4A1 - Venom Netherworld
  • M60 - Volcanic Whirlwind

Third round is most popular, because of Free Magic Cube. From May 25 players can claim 1 free magic cube for free by playing free fire max.

Note that according to reports this all rewards only available on Free Fire MAX, Free Fire players will not able to claim this rewards, so you can download free fire max if you don't have MAX version. After claiming rewards you can uninstall again if you face any issues with playing experience.