Getting too many Heat and Lag issue in Free Fire MAX? Just turn off these Settings for Smooth Gameplay

Free Fire MAX lag issue fix with details Settings guide inside to make FF MAX to Normal Free Fire

In recent patch update garena added more settings to Free Fire MAX, using this settings now you can make FF MAX to normal free fire. So if you are facing lag or heating issue with Free Fire MAX, then follow the guide and steps below.

We already discussed why you need to choose Free Fire MAX instead of normal Free Fire. Now many players are able to run this MAX version in 2, 3 and 4GB Ram devices. Also now FF MAX only on 506MB in Play Store. So you can choose what's pack you need to download for free up space and storage.

Steps to Convert Free Fire MAX to Normal Free Fire/Fix Lag issue

Check here all the screenshots and apply same settings in your game.

  1. Go to download center and delete unwanted pack.
  2. In Vault section, only download important dress you wear.
  3. Go to Settings > Display and then select Normal grafics and Normal FPS.
  4. Go to Sound and Select Music 0.
  5. Go to Vibration and select OFF.
  6. Notification > Stranger invite > Reject.
  7. FF MAX > Select all OFF and Classic.

Free Fire MAX settings

Storage is most important to make smooth gameplay, so try to not download all the bundles and packs given by free fire in Download center. The more space you have in your smartphone, then more better experience.

Free Fire MAX settings

By default, Free Fire MAX grafics selected to Ultra. So you need to select it to Smooth and select Low/Normal FPS for low heating issue, it also helps to increase more battery life.

Free Fire MAX settings

When your devices do different types of tasks during gaming, then you face lag issue, So select Music sound in 0. you don't need this music option for improving gameplay, if you always on your Music, then this will increase one more task in Processor.

Free Fire MAX settings

Vibration is normally in use, when you matchmaking for a new match. This also a unwanted setting. so turn this OFF, to improve battery life and for avoid heating issue. Normally when smartphones vibrate, there was a motor start rotating inside your phone, that's why you feel like your phone is vibrating.

Free Fire MAX settings

When you play a match and back to lobby, then many Strangers (People you don't know about them) are inviting continuously, this is so irritating or best way to make your phone laggy. So, just select Reject Stanger invite option.

Free Fire MAX settings

Go to FF MAX and select all to Clasic and OFF, this is the main setting to make Free Fire MAX to Normal Free Fire.

Free Fire MAX settings

After applying all this settings in your Free Fire MAX, just restart the game again and now you can enjoy a Smooth Gameplay. Also note that try to avoid using DPI, DPI increases more pressure to the processor. Just select 420 dpi if you can't avoid and turn this off and restart your smartphone.

Now you have all Done! Your next Booyah! awaiting for your squad.

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