Google Pixel Watch Memory And Storage Revealed and could offer 32GB Storage

The Pixel watch will be powered by Google's WearOS UI, which will include smooth navigation and smart notifications

During the Google I/O 2022 developer conference, Google unveiled the Google Pixel Watch. The gadget is the company's first smartwatch, and it has been rumoured for quite some time.

According to a prior source, the Pixel Watch might use Samsung's Exynos 9110 CPU, which was debuted four years ago. It's the same processor that debuted in 2018 with the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

According to a recent rumour, the Exynos 9110 will also have a co-processor. This might be similar to the Snapdragon Wear 4100+ architecture, which includes a secondary coprocessor for ultra-low-power work and powers the always-on display and some sensors.

The watch will also come with 32 GB of internal storage, which is much larger than existing Wear OS devices. The sensor array utilised in the Fitbit Luxe and Fitbit Charge 5 is clearly identical on the rear of the wearable. The watch will measure heart rate, SpO2 (blood oxygen), and ECG, and because Google owns Fitbit, repurposing sensors makes sense.

Pixel Watch, unlike Apple Watch, has a circular display, a metal frame, narrow bezels, and a crown on the right edge, according to images revealed by the company at Google I/O 2022. The smartwatch is constructed of 80 percent recycled stainless steel, according to Google. The Pixel Watch is expected to come in black, gold, and grey colours.

The Pixel watch will be powered by Google's WearOS UI, which will include smooth navigation and smart notifications. Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Wallet will all be supported. Users will be able to accept calls, make calls, send messages, pay, operate their house, and more–all from their wrist, according to the business.

The Home software for Wear OS will make this wristwatch compatible with smart home devices. As a result, you'll be able to operate these gadgets from the palm of your hand.

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