Google Wallet VS Google Pay, Google Wallet the Latest upcoming App will better than G-Pay

Google's latest attempt at a digital wallet that securely keeps all of your cards, Wallet, offers a lot of promise.

Google is especially fond of redesigning its services every few years, and its payment strategy is no exception. Google merged its earlier Google Pay service into GPay - a unique version built from the ground up for India - but the service was only available in a few markets.

There was a lot of confusion because there were two different versions of Google Pay, and Google is now adding Google Wallet to the mix. This new version of Google Wallet allows you to pay using credit and debit cards, as well as NFC payments. You can also add digital IDs, transport cards, event tickets, auto keys, immunisation cards, and more.

Google's latest attempt at a digital wallet that securely keeps all of your cards, Wallet, offers a lot of promise. However, in some countries, Google Pay will coexist with Wallet, so let's look at how we got here, what Google Wallet can do, and why you should still care about Google Pay.

All of the functionality of Google Pay are available in Google Wallet, including the ability to store credit and debit cards, make contactless payments, earn rewards, and store loyalty cards, boarding passes, transit cards, and tickets.

You'll be able to digitise immunisation cards and student IDs, as well as utilise Wallet as a digital car key if your vehicle supports it. Google is collaborating with states and agencies around the world to offer mobile driver's licences and the ability to store office badges directly in Wallet, as well as with hotels to enable digital hotel keys.

Google wallet vs Google pay

Google has confirmed that Wallet will continue to work on Wear OS in the same manner that Google Pay does now, which is good news for anyone who were inconvenienced by the switch from Google Pay to GPay, which broke tap-to-pay on Android smartwatches.

Google Wallet is essentially the progression of Google Pay, and the service will soon be available in most worldwide regions, making it Google's default payment option.

Google Wallet will be available in 38 countries and will automatically replace Google Pay. However, the service will not be available in India, and Google has stated that GPay would remain the default payment option for Indian clients. As a result, digital IDs and all of Google Wallet's new capabilities will be unavailable to Indian customers.

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