India's Battle Royale Game Underworld Gang Wars going for Pre Registration on May 22

The Underworld Gang Wars trailer shows off the game, and it appears like the game will have high-end visuals.

As Apex Legends Mobile now has raised the stakes in the battle royale genre, another battle royale game might be on the way to India soon. Underworld Gang Wars is a new game by Mayhem Studios, which is part of the Mobile Premier League (MPL). The gameplay will be centred on battle royale, and the concept will be influenced by Indian settings.

The game will be a AAA product/title, according to the developers. The companies have also stated that the characters would be influenced by Indian legends. Starting on May 22, pre-registration will be available.

The game's primary premise is that a gang from the west wants to seize control of the eastern region, which leads to a gang war and further mayhem. The trailer shows off the game, and it appears like the game will have high-end visuals.

Following the ban, we saw FAUG, a much-hyped Indian origin game that was supposed to fill the hole left by PUBG. We all know, however, that it failed spectacularly. Since then, no major players have entered the scene to compete with titles like BGMI, COD Mobile, and the recently released Apex Legends Mobile.

Now, excitement is building for the new Indian game Underworld Gang Wars, which appears to be intriguing. Without a doubt, the game will struggle to compete with the market's major players.

Although, if the plot is original and the game aspects, such as weaponry, settings, and people, are intriguing enough, it may become the next popular battle royale game among Indians.

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